Affiliate program    UPDATED 25.05.2018.
General points on the affiliate program
Let’s success story become your own! With’s affiliate program, you get the chance to share in’s success. In real terms, you direct users to the website and these are then "identified" as your users. You receive a share of the profits from these users, which means that you have a direct share in our success, not just on a one-off basis but also in the longer term.

Default commission for new affiliate partners is 30%.

On the basis of the high conversion rate in the area of online gambling, this affiliate program is one of the most effective affiliate programs on the Internet!

Registering for the affiliate programme
In principle, anyone can join the affiliate programme. Registration is free of charge. Simply fill in the registration form in the affiliate program zone and you will obtain your own affiliate account. Please note that the affiliate account has nothing to do with the betting account (should you already have one).

When you have successfully registered, you will receive an e-mail with the access data to your affiliate statistics as well as your personal tracking link to which you must link your users.

Affiliate program - Joining Conditions
Joining Conditions
1. Subject of the Contract

BetAdria online ( is an officially licensed provider of sports betting based on fixed odds at offers website owners the opportunity to join an advertising collaboration programme for mutual benefit. The partner undertakes to place the advertising media supplied by (e.g. banners, text, graphics, logos) on his website by means of links. In return, the partner receives commission from for any new clients gained via his site.

2. Rights and Obligations - Partners

When the advertising contract is set up, the partner must undertake to provide the link to on his website, which is registered under his name and over which he has unrestricted rights of disposal. The partner must undertake to install the links correctly on his website to enable users to be tracked correctly. Partners who are citizens of countries where betting is subject to legal restrictions or banned may not join the partner programme. is not liable for the content of the user’s website.

3. Rights and Obligations -

The contract between and the partner is not exclusive and may be terminated at any time. provides the partner with advertising media (e.g. banners, text, graphics, logos) for his website. The partner may join the partner programme free of charge. will bear the entire cost of the advertising media. reserves the sole right to change the advertising media. will not be liable for any lost profits due to the partner in the event of tracking problems.

4. Earnings

Your earnings are the sum of a proportion of the gross yield (real money gambling turnover less the winnings and betting fees) achieved through the customers directly attracted by you.

You can check how much you’ve earned to date by clicking Statistics!

5. Payment

Payment is on submission of your account to subject to attaining a total of at least € 100.

6. Indemnification

The partner indemnifies in respect of any claims by third parties on the basis of infringement of partner guarantees, the rights of third parties or any breach of the law or of contracts by the partner or his sub-contractor or vicarious agent which may be invoked against

7. Commencement and Term of Contract

The contract will commence on registration for the partner programme. The contract may be terminated by either party at any time without giving any reason. reserves the right to amend the rules and provisions of this agreement at any time. Any operational and organisational information, procedures and data which are only accessible to a limited group of people and which, according to the wishes of the respective contractual party, should not be made available to the general public, will be regarded as commercial secrets.

8. Termination

The affiliate account of the Partner will be closed automatically and the Contractual Relationship is automatically terminated if during 3 successive months no new Paying Actives are generated by the Partner. The remaining money from affiliate commision will not be transferred to the Partner. In case of termination of this Contractual Relationship, the Partner shall remove all implemented links, as well as any other advertising material as names, symbols, logos or any other material, graphics and content, licensed or created by and/or provided to the Partner by in connection with this Contractual Relationship. He shall have no right of retention or contest. The Partner shall have no more access to his affiliate account.

9. Final Provisions

If one or more of the provisions of this contract becomes or is null and void, the remaining provisions shall still apply. The null and void provisions shall be replaced by those provisions which the contractual parties would have agreed at the time of concluding the contract, had they been aware of the defect, with a view to achieving the same economic outcome.
Affiliate Collusion and Fraud
The term 'Fraud' in reference to affiliate collusion is an attempt by an affiliate or group of affiliates to create fraudulent income with a coordinated effort. Collusion shall include, but is not limited to:

* coordinated bonus abuse in the attempt to collect affiliate income
* coordinated betting where such bets are made as an offset to collect commissions or receive higher betting limits
* continual chargeback's by real money players for reasons of collecting commissions
* offering affiliates and/or players financial incentives for the purpose of gaining a rebate from your affiliate commissions
* duplicate affiliate and/or player accounts for the purpose of collusion
* using affiliate account for getting commission from your personal betting account
* any other act which, has determined through detailed analysis, is being used to collect fraudulent commissions will have the right to delete fraudulent customers from affiliate's player list or even deduct money from the affiliate for traffic deemed to have been referred through "fraudulent means" and the affiliate's account will be closed.